A demo created for a contest on rpgmakermv.co.

Am I an artist?  I am not.  So there's a lot of default assets and crudely traced stuff.

Am I a musician?  I am not.  I am also not typically a fan to sound and music in games, so it's bare bones.

Am I a programmer?  I am not.  So don't expect much fancy here.

Am I a writer?  Probably not, but I tried!

You play as Jason Alverez, an individual with little drive or ambition who occasionally deals drugs as a way of paying for his carefree party lifestyle. An encounter at a party reveals hidden realities, forcing him into a protective role he does not want but cannot refuse. By the end of it, he may stop being a terrible person. But that's unlikely.

- There was an issue where the game did not recognize if you selected Paper.  Or, more accurately, I missed a thing.  It's fixed now.


GFTGMac.zip 254 MB
GFTGNix.zip 165 MB
GFTGWin.zip 124 MB

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